Synthetic Zero Tonight

I'll be improvising with iPods tonight in Tribeca. Should be a good time.

Saturday, February 17th, 7pm-11pm

The next Synthetic Zero event will have experimental film, music, a live puppet show,
an "improvised cinema" performance, and visual art. The event is free
though optional donations will be accepted to cover the cost of food and drink.

Location: 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013.

Imagination Explosion - live puppet show
César Alvarez - solo music performance using iPods
Potter-Belmar Labs presents Improvised Cinema

Experimental film:

Laura Napier - "Astor Place" - New York, NY
80Juan80 (Juan Kasari) - "Alku_E" - Helsinki, Finland
Courtney Hoskins - "Snow Flukes" - Boulder, CO
Josh Weinstein - "Cross-Examination" - Brooklyn, NY
Günter Puller - "Yellow Pages" - Vienna, Austria
Alyse Emdur - "Beginning Animal Communication" - Florida
Jones Downs (Jenny Doussan and Hailey Jones) - "Captain" - New York, NY and London, UK
Heather Willems - "Three Attempts at Seduction" - New York, NY
Elena Tejada-Herrera - "Holding the House Together" and "Paper Elephant"
Frank George Kanelos - "Scratching To Survive"
Mark Gallay - "Morning Process" - Brooklyn, NY
Noe Kidder and Mark Gallay - "White Hotel" - Brooklyn, NY
Sung-Hee Choi - "Nuclear Theater" - Brooklyn, NY
Charles Chadwick - "All About Fire" - Los Gatos, CA
Ian W. Lippincott - "Serial Krusher"
Mac McKean - "Cycle" - New York, NY
Meg Duguid - New York, NY

Visual Art:
Damali Abrams - collages - Queens, NY
Shadagga - photography - Queens, NY
Liam O'Brien - drawings - New York, NY
Alison Ward - collages from "Calendar Girl" series - Brooklyn, NY
Leela Accetta - visual art - New York, NY
Katharine Tillman - photography - New York, NY
Daniel Iliescu - New York, NY

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