Try is one of the most ridiculous songs I've ever written. But it is pretty fun to perform if we can remember all the words. Here's a video from our CD Release on May 20, 2011. Lyrics below.

Thanks to Paul Snyder (edit) and Ben Chace (camera)
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Try to tell the truth about how you feel
Try to take responsibility for your crappy life
Try to eat the seeds
Try not to peel the skin
Try to be in the place that you're already in.

Try a blind date
Try to get on TV
try a vigilante way of life
Try a poison ivy tea
try to go to mexico
make a rabbit out of wood
Try to get lost in your own neighborhood

Try to sing on the beat
try to talk to a cat
try to be authoritative
try to completely avoid trans-fat
try a robot broom
set it loose in your room
Try a passive aggressive tone with your family and friends

Try to go a week
without checking your mail
Try a business meeting on a raft
Try to fall in love with a whale
Try to bring it all home
Try a predatory loan
To to make a case for something you don't believe in

Try to start a farm
Try to take it like a man
Try to write a letter to the government
Try to live on Rasin Bran
Try to be the black sheep among the cows
Try to watch the olympics without being proud

Try to change your mind
about a person you hate
try to go to taco bell
on a very first date
Try to make a mistake
try a misery cake
Try Puerto rico as the 51st state


Instruments - LP

Instruments is a series of 20 instrumental cut-ups which explore the finest grains of sound from a variety of sources. (Full Free download HERE)

Instruments by musicisfreenow

Laura Goldhamer – Banjo
Lily Gottlieb-McHale – Cello
Jeremy Hoevenaar – Electric Bass
Jessica Feldman – Flute
Marylea Madiman - Horn
Marina Rosenfeld - Piano

All other instruments played by César Alvarez
The set "Instruments" by musicisfreenow is licensed under a Creative Commons License.