Dear Sarah Palin,

Thanks for reigniting a culture war. Thanks for turning this presidential contest into a spiraling race to the bottom. Thanks for lying to the American people over and over and over. Thanks for showing us that you don't care if it's a lie as long as it serves your purpose. Thanks for being demeaning and sarcastic, and setting a new tone of vindictiveness. Thanks for refusing to take questions from the media or voters for nearly two weeks after your nomination. Thanks for lying about your record on energy. Thanks for lying 27 times (and counting) about your record on the "Bridge to Nowhere." Thanks for lying about your record on earmarks. Thanks for putting out a press release about your daughter's pregnancy and then calling the press sexist when they cover the release. Thanks for degrading community organizers who are some of the hardest working and most selfless people in our country. Thanks for degrading Habeus Corpus, which is one of the most sacred pillars of our democracy. Thanks for completely ignoring and effectively denouncing the idea of the separation of Church and State, which is another pillar of our democracy. Thanks for opportunistically praising Hillary Clinton while cynically denouncing nearly everything she has spent her life working for. Thanks for claiming that "God" wanted you to build a gas pipeline. Thanks for saying that the war in Iraq is "God's work," and invoking the specter of religious violence and holy war. Thanks for plunging Wasilla into millions of dollars of debt and raising the sales tax (which is one of the most regressive taxes there is). Thanks for firing people that don't agree with you and abusing your power as Governor. Thanks for going along with a whole slew of smears and attack ads (many of which are filled with blatant lies). Thanks for lying about selling your state's plane on Ebay and then billing the state for $93,000 in airfare during 2007 for you and your family to fly. Thanks for billing the State for your travel per diem while you were at home in Wasilla more than 30 times. Thanks for lying about Obama's authorship of legislation. Thanks for opposing major legislation for health care, education, and seniors. Thanks for slashing funding for Passage House, which is a transitional home for teenage mothers.

Thanks for offering to change Washington, but I think that what you're offering looks much worse than what George W. Bush has already done.

Thanks, but no thanks.

If we want change in America we'll build it ourselves.

Sincerely, César

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Please Forward.


Dog Under Porch

Dog Under Porch is an anthology of work from members and friends of the Bard College MFA community. It was published by Little Socks Press 2008

Download it HERE.

It features work by:

Dorothy Albertini
Cesar Alvarez
Alisa Baremboym
Sylvie Baumgartel
Anselm Berrigan
Linh Dinh
Cecilia Dougherty
Amit Dwibedy
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Marley Freeman
Lucas Geronimas
Jeremy Hoevenaar
David Horvitz
Julia Klein
Ann Lauterbach
Jeanne Liotta
Joshua Lovelace
Alfredo Marin
Anna Moschovakis
Laura Neuman
Brett Price
George Raggett
Isabel Sobral
Chris Stackhouse
Ann Stephenson
David Levi Strauss
Deirtra Thompson
Stephan Westfall
Matveii Yankelevich

Untitled by Alfredo Marin

One Small Step for a Man by Jeanne Liotta

No title. No author.