Sometimes you come up with an idea, and you work on it for eight years. And a bunch of wonderful people start to believe in you, and help you, and it grows and grows and grows. And you see it slowly turn into the thing that you always wanted it to be. It is an incredible feeling. When you finally see it fully-formed it makes all the heartaches, stomach aches, and difficulties you encountered along the way seem distant and well worth it. Thank you to everyone who came and collaborated on this big beautiful beast.

Illustration by Adam Hayes   
Music by César Alvarez with The Lisps
Lyrics and Book by César Alvarez
Directed by Sarah Benson

FUTURITY won the 2016 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical and received 5 nominations.
FUTURITY won the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best New Musical
NY Times Review HERE



This is a song from my episode of Washeteria: A site specific, immersive theater piece for children. Louisa Thompson designed a fantastical laundromat inside an former auto parts store in Brooklyn. I wrote a mini-musical for the piece. My episode (Directed by the luminous Annie Tippe) is called Consuela and the Great Genie of The Laundry Bag. It's about a woman trapped inside a laundromat by an evil manager, and a genie who loves granola bars.

One thing that is interesting about this show is that that as we've been rehearsing, every single day we are visited for an hour by a different second grade class from The Brooklyn Arbor. I love the idea of making a musical in front of an gaggle of squirming second graders.  

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