The Skin of Our Teeth at Theatre for a New Audience

Eric Farber and Fred Epstein | Photo by Henry Grossman 
Photo by Henry Grossman
Photo by Henry Grossman
I wrote original music including 4 songs for TFANA's production of The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder. This play summons the eternal story of how humans endure total catastrophe. After working on it for months I feel like I finally arrived at its key insight: that our desperation to survive, the love of our communities and families, and the truth we discover through arts and sciences will always carry us through the darkness.

New York Times Feature: "Why Thornton Wilder Matters in the Trump Era"


Jenna Rush | Photo by Eric Wolfe

Photo by Eric Wolfe
Photo by Eric Wolfe
NOISE was inspired by a little piece of critical theory, which proposes that music, as the organization of noise, was the earliest expression of civilization. And if music precedes all forms of political economy, it follows that we should be able to make a musical which designs a new and better society. Right? RIGHT?!

NOISE was a commission of Playwrights Horizons Theater School.
Jack Moore of the Public Theater talks about it in this podcast. (Minute 42)

Here's a demo of a song from the show: