Jeffery Lewis is a Genius
I saw Jeff Lewis perform this song at Sidewalk in 2003 and it blew my mind. And today I saw this video and it blew my mind again. Please watch it.

Day after V-Day with Los Lisps

oh my god.
listen to Ching Chong Song
listen to Emergency Party
Bad Blogger Bad Blogger

guys I'm still here but my internet's been down for 2 weeks!
I'll be back!


Three Melodica Videos
for your enjoyment...

Rest in Peace Michael Brecker

It is terrifying the way this man plays the saxophone. And though what he made wasn't always my favorite. Hearing him play is astonishing.

this is so bizarre...


Ahh Life

sorry for the dearth of compelling posts lately. I've been in the weeds of life.

1. I'm excited about my collaboration with Isobel Cohen. I've given her about 12 minutes of new music, the piece was premiered in the UK but I've yet to see it.
2. contra-tiempo is also soon to debut their new piece, for which I've composed mucho. I'll be out in LA in February
3. I'm moving soon=stress
4. I'm working on sound for a feature length independent film with lots of gunshots and car crashes.
5. got jury duty but postponed it.
6. got two shows in a rows this weekend.
7. got to perform with Dale Sherrard at the poetry project on new years day. you gotta love that guy.
8. Starting to think about working on starting to book our tour in April.
9. Didn't smell the noxious odor reeking off Manhattan today, another benefit of Bronx living. (though we're not always odor free)

here are some musicians I'm listening to lately:


Juan Prophet Organization


Laura Gibson

Anthology of American Folk Music edited by Harry Smith
(best christmas present ever)

happy new year!


Online Consumers Are Re-Energizing The Music Industry

"According to a new survey released by the Digital Media Association, digital music consumers listen to more music, are exposed to more new music, talk more about music and attend more concerts."


Yes! as I was saying....