The Secret Salon

Especially with the recent economic downturn, music venues seem to have become more and more anxiety ridden. People feel obligated to buy expensive drinks that they can't afford, venues feel obligated to create bills that have nothing to do with music and everything to do with the head count. The net result is that venues become uncomfortable Karaoke Dens and culture seekers/makers stay home, save their pennies and find free culture online. What we lose in this chain reaction is enormous. We lose the direct exchange between artist and appreciator, the cross pollination of like minded artists, and the joy of experiencing one another without mediation as people in the flesh.

I decided to put together this Salon because I just wanted a chance to play and present music for people that want to listen to, experience and exchange music. I wanted to do it in a context that is unmediated by a business plan or non-intersecting artistic goals.

Here is the structure of the salon and we will look forward to seeing you there:

1. Once you RSVP you will be emailed the location 24 hours before the show. If for whatever reason you do not receive the email you can email thelisps @ gmail . com (fix the spaces)
2. You may bring drinks or food or nothing at all.
3. there are 3 bands each will play for about 45 minutes.
4. Entrance is $5. This covers the basic cost of using the space and pays the musicians.
5. You are highly encouraged to come by 9 and stay for the entire evening.
6. Doors open at 8. Performances are at 9, 10, and 11pm.
7. Fancy Dress is also encouraged.

Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing you there.

RSVP at thelisps @ gmail . com (fix the spaces)


César Alvarez


Mutant Sounds

If you aren't familiar with Mutant Sounds it is definitely worth a visit. It is a wonderful site dedicated to unearthing rare recordings and making them available to curious ears everywhere. I just downloaded this V.A. sounds compilation and I'm loving it.