Thoughts on Cybernetics

Cyborg Lincoln By annihilist

1. Humans have a hard time imagining post-linguistic civilization.

2. Cybernetics have a popular myth:
  • a. Metal (cold, hard, sharp, dangerous, sterile, durable, unbreakable)
  • b. Unfeeling (computer)
  • c. Destructive/Facist (weapons oriented)
  • d. Viral/Power Hungry (human)
  • e. Dualistic (hardware/software)
  • f. Digital
3. Robots made of wood are nonthreatening. What about:
  • a. Flesh (bone, organs, dead human matter)
  • b. Plant Matter
  • c. Elemental Particles
  • d. Glass
  • e. Plasma
  • f. Plastic
  • g. Mud (dirt)
  • h. Water
4. What is the technology that will replace language?

5. When humans start interfacing with one another wirelessly ("telepathically") first it will be through a chat room template; Then direct mental language interfacing; then pure thought exchange. Humans will develop acute skills of mental compartmentalization in order to maintain privacy. Eventually privacy (deception) could fade away but it will more likely just vastly complexify.

6. Why is there an idea that man-made consciousness will be similar to human consciousness?

7. When computers gain the parallel processing power, pattern recognition, and self-contemplation of adult human brains they will likely devise their own language.


Rodney McMillian, Untitled, 2007.

When computers begin to feel it will be delusion alone that is uniquely human. There are so many layers to this. Here's a fake map for the development of intelligence from the beginning of life to the materialization of intelligence. We're at about 7.8:

0. Void
1. Animation of Life
2. Multiplication of Life
3. Complification
4. Relationship
5. Linguistic Stucture (meaning created)
6. Codification (referential)
7. Extension (externalized evolution eg: tools, technology)
8. Genesis of (man-made) self-replicating species
9. Explosion of Species
10. Materialization of Intelligence (permeability becomes a sensation)

It is so hard to imagine the materialization of intelligence without feeling like you are drowning.



I just discovered Chris Leo's new blog which is re-inventing the english language.

"Numenous thoughts can’t see the fours through the threes. Their nebulous numeric looming just as easily gives way to numinous luminescent leaps as it does to breaches with faith. Never forget, neither Darwin, nor Galileo, nor Copernicus, nor Hawking ever renounced God. It’s God’s frenzied vocal advocates that renounce them first. In fact, they like God just fine and can't for the life of them understand how thier proofs contradict anything he says. If he made anything didn't he make the numbers as well?

numbers + numinis (Latin for “Divine Will”) = continuous fractions, wherein continuous means nothing short of continually continuous

-- Chris Leo