Savoir Faire Pre-Game Part III:
Tyger Salazar

Hey Ms salazar its cesar. Can we do a text message interview? 1st question: If your music was a still life, what items would it contain?
Sent: 2/25/07 2:53

a broken lipstick, 4 pennies, a dear john letter, a beer bottle, and a gardenia.
From: Tyger Salazar 3:04pm 2/25/07

If your music was a competition between 2 towns, which towns would they be and what would be the prize?
Sent: 2/25/07 3:14pm

Topeka vs Grenada for a heartbreak elixir and an unlimited bus pass.
From: Tyger Salazar 5:05pm 2/25/07

And if your life was an old abandoned playhouse what would you fix first?
Sent: 2/25/07 6:00pm

In my youth I'd have said the curtains, but I'm older and wiser so I'd have to say the roof.
From: Tyger Salazar 6:10pm 2/25/07

Please complete the following sentences: La única cosa que me dejó mi madre fue (blank)
Sent: 2/25/07 6:27pm

Un hombre con musculos y lagrimas
From: Tyger Salazar 6:57pm 2/25/07

Youth is a (blank) that (blanks) our true pleasure and (blanks) our true pain.
Sent: 2/25/07 7:03pm

Youth is a plow that tills our true pleasure and unearths our true pain.
From: Tyger Salazar 7:47pm 2/25/07

Wow. Ok last one: Tyger Salazar is a (blank) and a (blank) with a deep understanding of (blank) and a secret desire for (blank. Without (blank) there is no (blank).
Sent: 2/25/07 9:51pm 2 pages

Tyger Salazar is a foul mouthed party guest and a good kisser with a deep understanding of the New York subway system and a secret desire for a helmet in the shape of a tiger's head. Without the bees there aint no honey.
From: Tyger Salazar 11:27pm 2/25/07

Tyger Salazar is the lead singer of The Subway Band.
Befriend them on Myspace

The Subway Band [mp3] - El Son Del Pilon

and come see them perform at Savoir Faire.

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