Albert Hammond Jr. on Melodica?

There's been some blogging going on about strokes guy Albert Hammond Jr. going solo. And truthfully this topic is not that interesting to me...but in my daily regimen of watching melodica videos on youTube I happened upon this piece. How often do you see a video of a blog buzzed hipster rock star with only 1372 views? (and playing melodica?!)

You also might be wondering why I'm so into melodicas. I'll explain later I promise. Now's just not the time.


Anonymous said...

what typet of melodica is alber hammond jr. playing in this video?

César said...

I'm not sure but it kinda looks like a merano 32 key you can find here

but of course for the motherload look at melodicas.com

yes I'm a nerd.

Eolande said...

Keep up the good work.

andrea said...

haha that is so awesome!! xp
i wanna learn how to play the melodica so bad now..