Savoir Faire Pre-Game Part II:
Leah Hayes
is a Scary Mansion

1. The thing about a real scary mansion is that it's terrifying, but ceaselessly intriguing.

2. If you ever actually visited the mansion, each room would be dimly lit. Strange but magnetic. There would be oddities and artifacts hanging on the walls and strewn about. Maybe they've been that way for decades. The stairways would be steep and the halls long and narrow, full of echo and must.

3. You might never actually work up the courage to visit the mansion but every time you drove by you'd slow down and imagine how scary it must be inside.

4. And though the mansion is up on the hill far away from your car, the mailbox is too close for comfort.

5. Maybe one night you drive by the mansion and see silhouettes of people dancing in the windows. Maybe they're just like everyone else. Or maybe they're just silhouettes?

Scary Mansion [mp3] - No Choice

6. Maybe you visit the mansion on a dare and you find the proprietor to be perfectly charming and well adjusted.

7. Maybe it looks like this.

Scary Mansion - Myspace
Leah Hayes - Website

Scary Mansion [Mp3] - captain
Scary Mansion [Mp3] - go to hell

Come see Leah and Savoir Faire March 1st

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