Introducing: Savoir Faire
presented by MusicIsFreeNow and The Music Slut

The idea behind Savoir Faire is to bring together some of the more elegant music makers in New York. Those who exhibit "ease and dexterity in social and practical affairs." The inaugural Savoir Faire has a line up of 4 bands all of which are fronted by stunning and brilliantly talented songstresses. In the coming days I will profile each one: The Indescribable Tyger Salazar, The Ineffable Olga Bell, The Inexorable Leah Hayes, and the Incomparable Sammy Tunis.

For now I encourage you to take a long listen to the sweet sounds emanating from their respective interweb locales:

The Subway Band - Myspace

Bell - Myspace

The Lisps - Myspace - Website

Scary Mansion - Myspace - Website

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