Belated: Can We Talk About Prince For a Second?

Though I have an imaginary band w/ Jeremy Hoevenaar called I Hate Sports I did break down and watch about 60% of the Superbowl last week. And the Prince half time show was truly amazing. Here are some thoughts:

1. If nothing else the Superbowl Halftime Show represents the frontier of spectacle. The extremity of the entertainment our civilization is capable of creating w/ 15 minutes and millions of dollars.
2. But what is usually so disappointing is that the spectacle is nearly always mired in mediocrity and consensus. (with an occasional rebellion)
3. That is what was so great about Prince's show is that it was completely far out. And even though the whole thing resembled a hard rock sci-fi space is the place orgiastic religious marching band group think ET phone home-o-rama, it fulfilled the most fundamental desires/expectations of mainstream America.
4. The whole thing seemed to me like it was thickly woven with secret signals symbolic gestures and cultural critique, like some sort of Arena Rock free mason music video. But if I stopped thinking too hard about it, the show turned back into innocuous entertainment.
5. Thanks Prince for being weird as crap and still making everyone love you.

For some detailed analysis check out what ickmusic had to say

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