NYT Music Roundup:

Here's a bit on the wonderful Nico Muhly. I got to share a bill with Nico while I was hanging onto Corey Dargel's coattails last year at the New Yorker Festival. Brilliant, precocious, friendly, unpretentious, and quite attractive if I do say so. Some people got it all.
Young Composer Finds His Fuel in Restlessness

Two of my favorite guitar Goddesses Kaki King and Marnie Stern make headlines.
Guitar Heroes, Make That Heroines, in Indie Rock

Reverse engineering Glenn Gould for a computer to play is always fun to read about. But I'm confused because I thought John Oswald was working on this very thing, but there's no mention on him or his cohort Ernest Cholakis.
Is It Live ... or Yamaha? Channeling Glenn Gould

I can never resist reading the new york times writing about indie rock. And my mom always forwards it to me: "This article made me think of you." I love you mom, and yes I've heard of (insert name of absurdly popular band)
Auditioning for the World Stage at an Austin Festival

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