Arctic Monkeys: I'm converted

This video is absolutely amazing. I'm not even going to try and speak intelligently about it. It's just really unbelievable. This is the complexity and crooked hyperactivity that I've been looking for all over my apartment, and it's completely consumable. And the dancers...indie rock needs more dancers. I'm working on that on my end.

Oh and Olga Bell made me do it.

2:06 AM
olga: arctic monkeys really are amazing, for all the shit everyone's given them

me: hmm

olga: no really

me: I see about that

olga: just look up the live jools holland show

me: I don't think i can take arctic monkeys right now but I'll put it in the queue

olga: they would be nowhere, i think, without (1) the RIDICULOUS charisma of their lead singer

me: and 2?

olga: (2) big holy holes between their oy-oy-oy loud parts and parts when just Alex was all by himself

come to think of it, the band is just pretty tight

me: I believe it

olga: anyway, i'm sure you've things to attend to besides arctic monkeys smalltalk :)

me: yes I'm procrastinating
working on a Haitian gangster film

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Flenker said...

This video just piqued my interest in the band... I never got into them when everyone else did, for some reason I never bought into their sound. But this may have turned me. Thanks for the video. And I just stumbled upon your blog, seems pretty rad, I'll check it out more!