I want to like The Pipettes...it's just...um
[pipettes at luna lounge 3/12/07]

1. Let's be clear...I have no prejudice for bands which seek to invoke the sublime and ineffable musical past.

2. I myself am in a band that does that very thing.

3. Maybe it's that I couldn't put my finger on anything new about their music.

4. costumes were great, hand motions and choreography was cute, but what's below the surface?

5. I'm all for cute. I love cute. But in order for me to give myself over to it, cute needs to be a vehicle for something more subversive, interesting, or unexpected.

6. Music Snobbery, in a moment of total un-snobbishness, said that last night all the jaded new yorkers left their cynical self-consciousness at home and let loose on the dance floor. er...I guess they all read that blog and got self-conscious again tonight.

7. There is something irritating about music that's inexorably happy and un-complicated. I just feel like I can't give myself over to something that seems like it has it's head in the clouds. I guess it's fine to be monochromatically sunshiney, but all the hemming and hawing from bloggers makes it seem like there should be much more to this music.

8. Am i like the Grinch trying to talk about Christmas?

9. Yes they are all beautiful and clearly talented musicians, but why should I go see them instead of drinking a beer at home and renting Grease? I wanted to find the answer to that and i didn't. The songs and choreography in grease are WAY better. But The Pipettes are better because ___________. (someone please fill in the blank)

One great thing about the night was I got my first chance to see the new Luna Lounge. Holy God what an amazing new venue. The sound was excellent, not ear bleedingly loud and the space is so huge. Kate of Mattison was there and everyone was very nice.

Maybe the pipettes are just playing it safe and cute so that they get super famous
and then they're going to blow everyone away with 6 hour psychedelic 3rd-wave feminist rock opera directed by Matthew Barney. Call me when that happens because I have a date with Greased Lightning.

Here's a shaky video of their last song (before encore) for you devotees and skeptics alike...Pull Shapes is their single and was definitely the most lively of the set:


d said...

I'm pretty much with you on all points. When I first heard the Pipettes demo stuff on the internet a while back, I thought it was bright and charming. But then, upon finding out that they didn't write the songs, their very accessibility seemed beyond calculating. Talk about knowing your target audience! I have no problem with fun in my music, but this cute indie girl packaging makes me feel played.

Anonymous said...

Er... they do write their own songs, D. All seven band members work on the songs together.