My Friends' Shows

This is a new part of my blog where I randomly and undemocratically post my friends shows. I'll post my friends shows on a strictly irregular basis.

Wednesday March 21st - Bell @ Rockwood Music hall 10pm

Friday March 23rd - The Lisps + Breathing for the Whale @ Mopitkins 12am
Breathing for the Whale is my friend Michael Turvin's new band which includes, among many other celebrities, Scott Winegard (of texas is the reason fame...am I allowed to say that?)

Saturday March 24th - The Music Slut's Spring Fling!!!! @ The Delancey. 8pm
Featuring - Locksley, The Silent Years, A Brief Smile, Cassettes Won't Listen & The Midnight Hours The combined myspace friends of these bands is actually 27 billion. Unbelievable.

Monday March 26th - Vague Angels @ Union Hall.
Chris Leo has brought truth and justice to the entire European continent in the last
3 months. Come see if he's washed his hair and hear his amazing band.

Visual Art:
Elliott Hundley's terrifyingly detailed, cluttered, colorful, and brilliant work is on display until April 21st at the Andrea Rosen Gallery.

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