why zune is dumb:

from nytimes: "Songs take about 15 seconds to transfer, but transferred songs can be played only three times in three days before they disappear,"

music is free now. Why would you spend money on something that deletes your music?

"Would the Zune ever be able to connect to the Internet? Could someone walk into a Starbucks and use the connection there to download a song? Mr. Lee answered without hesitation: 'Probably, one day.'"

oh brother

Another example of a technology refusing to accept true viral-ness, because they want too much control and they think that their restrictions will get them money. here are other good examples of that kind of behavior:

new york "Times Select"

and I'm sorry but people need to stop writing this sentence: "blah blah blah due to the popularity of social networking sites like MySpace blah blah blah"

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