Thanks to everyone who came out to the Stone tonight. Brendan Connelly's percussion piece was brilliant. Jeremiah Cymerman was ever present and Ashley Fure's ipod was well equipped for the task of public mashing.

Ashley has no website but here's the piece she wrote for eight blackbird:

[mp3] Ashley Fure - Inescapable (in broken form) (2004) for ensemble, written for and performed by eighth blackbird

speaking of eight blackbird...here's a recent post from their blog:
"Making an Album in an iPod World"

They bring up all the right points, but they sound a little defeatist. Chin up kids, the proverbial "album" needs you guys to redefine it. And I'd start by not agonizing over pause lengths between tracks, because those really are pretty arbitrary these days. But maybe this will lift your spirits.

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