Cyberpunk & The Cybernetic Culture Research Unit

So I've taken to trying to understand the bizarre stylings of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU). While many of the words and connections elude my attempts to parse them into familiar modes of cognition there is something about the blurring of thought space science culture and fiction that makes the most perfect sense. (verbal technobatics and all)

"Cyberpunk torches fiction in intensity, patched-up out of cash-flux mangled heteroglossic jargons, and set in a future so close it connects: jungled by hypertrophic commercialization, socio-political heat-death, cultural hybridity, feminization, programmable information systems, hypercrime, neural interfacing, artificial space and intelligence, memory trading, personality transplants, body-modifications, soft- and wetware viruses, nonlinear dynamic processes, molecular engineering, drugs, guns, schizophrenia."

"The impetus is not so much inter- as anti-disciplinary, the concrete problem being the freeing up of thought as synaptic-connectivity from its prison as subject-bound logos. Following flows where they want to go leads not into random noise but out onto what Deleuze and Guattari call the plane of consistency . 'If we consider the plane of consistency, we notice that the most disparate things and signs move upon it: a semiotic fragment rubs shoulders with a chemical interaction, an electron crashes into a language, a black hole captures a genetic message... There is no 'like' here, we are not saying 'like an electron,' 'like an interaction', etc. The plane
of consistency is the abolition of metaphor; all that consists is Real.'"

We should start with Sadie Plant.

And this article: Writing Machines by Mark Fisher (quoted above)

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