Red and Blue

Composer Zeljko McMullen just posted his new double album Red and Blue.

It's a formidable amount of music, and wonderfully crafted. The recordings are binaural and best listened to on headphones. However I got a chance to listen to Blue in a 10.2 ( i think) speaker arrangement. I haven't listened to every track but here are some things it makes my think about.

1. Hypnosis
2. Mental Transport
3. How does the emotional intensity of sound operate in relation to volume.
4. Bass Fatigue/Addiction
5. I think I'm very well suited for the recorded version rather than the installed, because I have a hard time with loud music in general (aka low threshold of pain), but I also don't completely like headphones, because a major aspect of these pieces is bodily.
6. The intense bass is what at times gave me the most pleasure and at times drew me out of the music.
7. The spaces between the pieces can become very enjoyable.
8. memory = resonance
9. commitment to a certain sound world.
10. vertical musical form?

[mp3] - Zeljko McMullen - diffusion (from Red),
[mp3] - Zeljko McMullen - blue (from Blue)

Also check out Zeljko's other projects Sadjeljko and Shinkoyo

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