This is a Tour and We Went on it

So things have been quite hectic ever since landing back home to New York, but here's a shot at illustrating the utter joy that was the Lisps tour...

From Las Vegas we went through Death Valley...

and over the Sierra Nevadas...truly amazing....

San Fran

was super wonderful. Kate Saturday from DeatHat painted my face, we were going for Darryl Hanna from bladerunner but it turned out a little more like the Hamburgular.

Death Hat...

We met our new best friends Agent Ribbons...Who stole all of our hearts and cooked us breakfast.


Sammy hung out with her famous boyfriends:

had some shots...

We were charmed by Parson Redheads...

played Pictionary...

San Diego was special. Jesse from Princeton was cute as a button and has an amazing voice...

Scene Bar in LA...not the best show.

We were off to Denver...sped past our beloved Vegas...over the rockies...and we all felt like we were going to barf because of the altitude.

Laura Goldhamer put together a great show for us...

Bad Weather California was fantastic.

Paper Bird
...oh Man.

Imagine three of the most attractive girls you've ever seen singing impeccably executed and extraordinarily complex harmonies, with two cute as crap boys playing trombone and guitar...and that's paper bird. The were even missing their virtuoustic banjo player...man they were great.

(video to come)

We hung out with them later at their house which is apparently the International Headquarters for Youthful Idealism, and general Joie de Vivre.

Laura Goldhamer played us a few songs. She is so wonderful and weird. And she is good friends with one of my favorite bands in the world The Books.

and then we were off to Kansas....

isn't it amazing that kansas actually looks like that?

Lawrence was a very great show...the only bummer was that I broke 3 strings during the show which caused a lot of bad joke telling to kill time.....the altitude changes seriously f'ed up my guitar I think. Coat Party was very fun....They should get together w/ Ear Pwr.

Coat Party

Sammy w/ Melissa from WJHK

St. Louis

Way Out club was very cool...it was a country western bar in the 30s and 40s. Lot's a class.

obligatory Arch shot


so good...so many friends....

Pool of Frogs rocked

This show was one of the most surreal of my entire life. It started off as a beautiful outdoor house show. The Yspi noise-folk allstars rocked and we played about half our set in this little puppet theater-esque porch thing.

But of course the Ypsilanti police showed up and shut us down...so we moved inside and Eric played a tambourine, cowbell and scrabble pieces.

And then the amazing Carla Harryman joined us for a an improvisation (video coming)

and THEN we were led to a remote location by Double Dutch will take you Higher...

and treated to an amazing moonlit jump-rope-o-rama!


This was Day 2 of our 3 day lovemaking session with/ DDWTYH...and it was a carnival of activities and beer.

We all did Caricatures of one another:

I was sacrificed

Sammy did pretty well in the Hula Hoop contest:

DDWTYH killed it:

Standard Hijinks:

Cutest Dog in the World: Definitely..no that's her name: Definitely (Deafinitely?)

And we were homeward bound.

Baba was happy to see us, she got a fancy pink collar while we were gone.

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