What is it about Stickers?

So there's this band called Stickerbook. Which I haven't seen live, but their websites and musics are excruciatingly charming. My friend Chad speaks highly of them. They do "experimental" covers of very popular songs from the 80s and 90s i guess. Their experimental sounds a little more like lo-fi irony, but I'll take it. The band reminds me of my favorite Chris Cutler quote:

"For now I'm really interested in the way pop really starts to eat itself. Here together are cannibalism, laziness and the feeling that everthing has already beed originated, so that it is enough now endlessly to reinterperet and rearrange it all. The old idea of originality in production gives way to another (if to one at all) of originality in consumption."
from Plunderphonia

If you chose a random city and stroll through the rock bands in that city on myspace. It's terrifying how similar the bands do start to sound. Yet a band like stickerbook which is audaciously "unoriginal" seems delightfully original compared to their myspace neighbors.

stickerbook on myspace
[mp3] Stickerbook - Don't Stop Believin'

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