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myspamous - [adj.] posessing fame gathered (legitimately or questionably) on Myspace. This type of fame is often:
  • illusory
  • unfortunate
  • unintentional
  • intensely sought-after
  • purchased
  • not translatable to monetary gain or real fame
  • just fake
  • a corporate advertising scheme
  • momentary
  • read about in articles that have this sentence "due to the popularity of social networking sites like myspace blah blah blah"
The only documented use of the word "Myspamous" is by Betty on the myspace page of "Golden Ax" in the "comments" section

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update: new documented instance of Myspamous on the private myspace blog 200 Bars/ 06' Ether

"I need a beat to rock to. Since these cats wanna make me Myspamous, I guess I gotta show my thanks. Loan me your eyes for a few minutes walk with me and peep game..."

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