The Universe is a Small Hat - BABYCASTLES RESIDENCY

The Universe is a Small Hat is a multiplayer immersive musical that tells the story of a space colony leaving earth in order to devise a more rational society. I've been developing this piece for two years now, and it isn't quite like anything I've ever created or experienced. Part game, part performance, part social experiment, part Utopian concept album, part party. We can't make the piece without willing participants. Come out and play.


Babycastles play test dates (click link for tickets):
Monday 9_29_14
Saturday 10_4_14  + Babycastles Opening Party
Monday 10_13_14
Monday 10_27_14
Monday 11_17_14
Wednesday 12_3_14 (sold out)
Friday 12_12_14  (sold out)
Wednesday 12_31_14 + New Year's Eve Space Party
Monday 1_5_15



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