Secret Salon II

We have Salons because venues aren't fun anymore. They are too loud, too expensive and too impersonal. Come somewhere special and really listen. You are going to have a great time.

When: Saturday September 18, 8pm
Where: Secret! RSVP to: the lisps at gmail dot com (fix the spaces)

11pm The Lisps www.facebook.com/thelisps
10pm Agent Ribbons www.facebook.com/agentribbonsband
9pm Art Sorority for Girls www.myspace.com/artsororityforgirls

Here is the structure of the salon and we will look forward to seeing you there:

1. Once you RSVP (you have to rsvp via email. facebook rsvp is just for fun) you will be emailed the location 24 hours before the show. If for whatever reason you do not receive the email you can email thelisps@gmail.com
2. You may bring drinks or food or nothing at all.
3. there are 3 bands each will play for about 45 minutes.
4. Entrance is $5. This covers the basic cost of using the space and pays the musicians.
5. You are highly encouraged to come by 9 and stay for the entire evening.
6. Doors open at 8. Performances are at 9, 10, and 11pm.
7. Fancy Dress is also encouraged.
8. Location is in Brooklyn.
9. This is an 18+ event.

Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing you there.

"That was really fun you should do that every month"
-Eric Farber after 1st Secret Salon


César Alvarez
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