Animal Feet, Infra-Sound, and The Destruction of Humanity?

I had a wonderful discussion w/ James Rouvelle about his ideas on human disconnection from the earth.

1. Animals communicate w/ infrasound using the bottom of their feet.
2. Amphibians and other low lying creatures use their jaws as we use the tympanum in our ear.
3. Humans (w/ shoes, buildings, pavement) systematically disconnect ourselves from the surface/vibrations of the earth.
4. We are inventing our demise all the while we have an uncanny capacity to contemplate it.
5. Humans work to make everything known, Artists can conserve the unknown.
6. Parable of the elephant and the blind men
7. A gesture of expression helps illuminate the whole elephant.
8. Cultivate Empathy?
9. The Architecture of Teranobu Fujimori
10. What's wrong with the bees? Not cell phones but possibly GMOs
11. What will cull the Human herd? Probably a lack of something very basic (food/water) rather than a catostrophic event.
12. Robot Animals.

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cesar - what the mother fuck?