Musicals by César Alvarez

The Elementary Spacetime Show
Music, Lyrics and Book by César Alvarez

photo by Paola Nogueras
A suicidally-depressed teenager named Alameda finds herself trapped in an absurdist musical game show after attempting to end her own life. By confronting a liminal vaudeville populated by incompetent avatars of cosmic truth, Alameda 
holds her hopelessness up against the enigmatic laws of the Universe.

Development: Ars Nova Uncharted Group (2-year developmental Residency), EST/Sloan Commission, EST First Light Festival, Polyphone Festival at University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

The Universe is a Small Hat
Music, Lyrics and Book by César Alvarez

photo by Jesse Utracht-Oakner

The Universe is a Small Hat is a multiplayer participatory musical, which tells the story of a techno-Utopian space colony leaving Earth in order to form a new, more rational, civilization. The piece is designed as an immersive 75-player narrative game. Audience members are all enlisted as colonists, given specific occupations on the ship, and responsible for their own fate within the story.

Development: LMCC Process Space, Berkeley Rep Ground Floor, PRELUDE, The Civilians 2013 R and D Group, Silent Barn, 4-month developmental residency at Babycastles Gallery. NYU Playwrights Horizons Theater School Developmental Practicum, Student production at Sarah Lawrence College


Music by  César Alvarez with The Lisps
Book and Lyrics by César Alvarez

photo by Evgenia Eliseeva courtesy of American Repertory Theater
FUTURITY tells the story of Julian Munro, a Civil War soldier who tries to invent a steam-powered artificial brain that, through its all-powerful machinations, could create peace for humankind

FUTURITY World Premiered at American Repertory Theater in March of 2012 followed by performances at Walker Art Center. Directed by Sarah Benson

Concert Productions: Mass MoCA, Joe's Pub, Ars Nova, HERE, 92YT, Zipper Factory, Motherlodge Festival 

Upcoming: New York premiere Soho Rep/Ars Nova in 2015.

Musicals in Early Development:

Music by César Alvarez
Book by Lucas Hnath
Lyrics by César Alvarez and Lucas Hnath

Performed as a 1960s salsa nightclub act, Castro is a musical extravaganza about the CIA’s last ditch efforts to take care of the “Castro Problem.”

Development: SPACE at Ryder Farm, Berkeley Rep Ground Floor

The Eighth Palace
Music and Lyrics by César Alvarez, 
Experience Design by César Alvarez and Nina Runa Essendrop.

The Eighth Palace is a participatory multi-sensory experience which tells the story of The Beings who have yet to emerge, The Beings who were nothing and in no place. Only blankness waiting to be brought into life. This is the story of their emergence, life and dissolution.

Development: TCG Global Connections Grant, NYU Playwrights Horizons Theater School developmental residency.

For script requests and production inquires:

Leah Hamos
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