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Extropian Records

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Are We at the Movies? LP (2011)

Extropian Records

Country Doctor Museum LP (2008)

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The Vain the Modest and the Dead EP (2006) The Lisps 

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Instruments is a series of sonic cut-ups which explore the finest grains of sound from 20 instruments. Listen HERE.

The Table of Drops (2006)

The Table of Drops is a performance environment designed by César Alvarez in which an electric guitar and a bass guitar are suspended over a large amplifier. Within a structured improvisation the performers use feedback, gravity, a variety of tools, and found materials to manipulate the strings and compose feedback . Listen HERE.


An Octoroon (2014)
by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. 
Directed by Sarah Benson
Songs and Score by César Alvarez - Drama Desk Nomination.  
Soho Rep and Theatre for a New Audience

The Good Person of Szechwan (2013)
by Bertolt Brecht
directed by Lear deBessonet
music by César Alvarez with The Lisps
starring Taylor Mac
The Foundry Theatre at La MaMa

3 2's; or Afar (2011)
by Mac Wellman
Music by César Alvarez
Directed by Meghan Finn
Dixon Place


Ford Amphitheater (World Premiere)
Los Angeles, CA

Damned Beautiful (2007) 35’
for Helix Dance (Touring in Great Britain, Edinburgh Fringe)

I Dream America (2007) 40’
for Contra-Tiempo (International Touring)

Between the Lines (2007) 10’
For Helix Dance (Touring Great Britain)

Papercutter (2005) 9'
for Ani Weinstein (DUMBO Dance Festival, Dance New Amsterdam)

Against the Times (2005) 35'
for Contra-Tiempo (International Touring)

Transit (2004) 30'
for Eleanor Dubinsky
performed in Tabor, Czech Republic, CESTA 9th annual International Arts Festival

1979 Massacre (2004) 6'
in collaboration with Erin Craven (performed at University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Sides/Lados (2002) 8'
in collaboration with Ana María Alvarez
Performed at 9th Annual International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival in La Havana, Cuba


Hyper-Reality 1
(2002) 2 (2003) 3 (2004) 50'
Multimedia One Man Show for young audiences (National Touring)
Music, Video, Programming and Lyrics by César Alvarez


Echolalia (2002) (variable time)
Interactive environment for two improvising musicians and computer
Performed at OCEAn festival 2003, Oberlin, OH


2006 – Present    www.MusicIsFreeNow.org Writer, Editor, Founder

                               2012 -  "In Defense of the Musical"
                               2011 -  "An Alternative Pedagogy for the 21st Century Musician"
                               2009 -  "44 Considerations for Young Composers"

2011   “Micro Essays on The Lisps Sophomore LP” published in InDigest Magazine

2009 “Proposals for the Future of Sounds” published in Digital Artifact Magazine Issue #3 and in Spanish translation in Pesanervios #1

2006  "Is This Really Helping Us?: Mp3 Blogs and The Sublime Chaos of Online Music Culture" - APAP Technology Blog.


When in Disgrace (2009)
Directed and Written by Damon Krometis
Examined Man Theatre
New York, NY

Roach (2006)
directed by Dyana Kimball
Ontik/Philly Fringe
Philadelphia, PA

Animus (2006)
directed by Daniel Jaquez
INTAR Theatre/New Works Lab

Theatre Row
New York, NY

With Love, Gabe (2006)
directed by Lou Moreno
INTAR Theatre/New Works Lab
Theatre Row
New York, NY

Woyzeck (2005)
directed by Dyana Kimball
Flying Pig CollectiveSite-Specific in Central Park
New York, NY

The Adding Machine (2004)
directed by Dyana Kimball
Columbia Stages at the Riverside Theater
New York, NY

The Mixtape Play (2004)
directed by Susan Kim
The Belt Theater
New York, NY