Polyphone 2016


Joanna Settle and I started the Polyphone festival last year as a place to grow musicals. We wanted to create a sanctuary where musicals can transition from adolescence to adulthood. We wanted to create a platform for artists to launch their scripts and demos off the page into live events that move, breathe and rock out. As creators of musicals we tried to imagine the Utopian ideal of where and how we'd like to develop our own work. We knew that if we could create that little Utopia, it would attract artists from all over. We also knew that our students would grow immeasurably from being part of the making, and that the theater world might get to glimpse a different set of possibilities for what musicals can be, and how they can come into being. 

The Polyphone Festival
March 20-27, 2016
March 26 is Marathon Day. Four new musicals in one day for $10.
Merriam Theater and the Arts Bank 
The University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA